Tuesday, 1 September 2015

There will be more blood.

History has proven that the demise of an empire is preceded by various issues internal and external to its domain. The downfall of the Roman Empire was a result of a combination of factors, namely political disintegration, civil revolt, failing economic policies, soaring debt, global military expansion, numerous failed wars, and corruption in government. Similarly, the Ottoman and British empires crumbled as a result of some or all of the above factors. In the case of all three, the unique miscalculation of overexpansion is blatant. To have complete hegemony and absolute power over all and sundry, the question of maintaining sovereignty and autonomy is lost to mismanagement, loss of control, misguidance and ultimately a failure of the state.

The Empire of Chaos (appropriately named by those in the know), is evidently no different to the empires of centuries past. The US government is tainted by a series of failed military campaigns, think Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc. The nation is beset by internal strife in the form of civil disorder as a result of incessant police brutality against minorities; maintaining a foreign policy that is aggressive and hostile towards 1.6 billion Muslims around the globe and an ever increasing total national debt to the tune of approximately 20 trillion dollars. Suffice it to say, a debt that is impossible to repay, and is exacerbated by incorrigible corruption throughout the US Government. The trend in relation to past Empires is clearly significant.

The one and only reason why the US (Empire) is surviving, is the fact that the US dollar is the global reserve currency and all international transactions are negotiated with it. The Federal Reserve Bank in the US can therefore print US dollars ad infinitum, as long as the dollar is the preferred currency of trade, and has substantial value. When various leaders from the Middle East, i.e. Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi,  Bashar al Assad made plans to move away from trading their natural resources in dollars, they were targeted and removed through military campaigns, citing dubious reasoning. The latest target to be subdued is the government of Iran.  For years the Iranians were planning to establish their own Bourse (Stock Exchange) to trade their natural gas and oil in a currency other than the US dollar, and as such have been targeted as a threat to world peace; hence, the accusations of the Iranians building a nuclear bomb to destroy Israel. Although literature suggests that Iran is the most peaceful nation in the Middle East.

The US is well aware that taking the fight to the Iranians, will stir up the Russian bear and the Chinese Dragon, which is something they cannot afford. The demonising of President Putin and Xi Xinping, is a direct result of these leaders insisting on protecting their sovereignty, national and international interests (re: Iran, Syria), and therefore not following US dictates. The establishment of various financial institutions by the BRIC countries, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and the New Development Bank (NDB), to counter the might and power of the ECB (European Central Bank), the IMF, and the World Bank, is enough cause for alarm from the Empire of Chaos, who inadvertently owns the IMF, World Bank and ECB.  With numerous Asian, Latin American, African, Eastern European and various Western European countries having joined or considering to join these institutions, the US government is feeling left out in the cold, and therefore will fight for the survival of their banking minions and ultimately their own survival.

All international transactions between corporates and countries, uses the SWIFT transactional system to conduct trade in US dollars. The formulation by Russia and China of an alternative system of trade in currencies other than the US dollar is gaining traction and will be implemented in 2016/2017. With successful implementation of this system, the dollar as the preferred trading currency will be exchanged for currencies of the trading partners’ choice, mainly in their own currencies. This poses a huge threat to the US economy should the value of the dollar fall as a result of this development. As countries and corporates successfully switch from the SWIFT system to the new system of trade, the dollar becomes worthless, and the printing of dollars will have little significance or importance.

Therefore the fight to retain the Eurasian landmass and East Asian countries as economic trading partners is imperative for the US in their survival. Should this not be realised or sustained, the collapse of the US economy and as a state would be inevitable. Knowing the arrogance and egotism of the US administration and its war mongering neocons, they will not go down without taking the rest of the world with them. A military confrontation between the US and Russia/China may be globally catastrophic. There will be more blood to spill. God save us all.

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